Wisnode Trackit holder not good enough

I have lost two trackit devices from attaching them to pets. They simply don’t hold well enough for an active dog. Any thoughts as to how I could remedy/modify this? I’m wondering whether I could use a zip tie to assist in holding it in place.
I would also like to see motion activated with a time setting between uplinks. So if it triggered, we could set the next one to not trigger for say 20min. This would help save battery life.
Also in addition to the above, being able to have a heartbeat interval, so that when the dog loses the sensor, it will still send the occasional point to help find it again.

Hello @Andy ,

Maybe the zip tie would be a good solution indeed.

You can currently choose between motion-triggered sending or period-triggered sending.
In my personal opinion, a motion-triggered option will not be a good option for very active dogs as it will move almost all the time and that would cause the battery to drain faster. Could you please explain your idea in more detail and maybe give some use cases for the idea?

Wouldn’t sending on a given period help on this issue? If the dog loses the Tracker and your setting is reporting on 20 mins you would be able to find the device.

Best Regards,
Nikola Semov

thanks for the swift reply @Nikola, I was thinking that the motion activation would be best, but if you think the period triggering would be best that would also suffice as a heartbeat. I thought if I set the motion activation high enough it wouldn’t trigger too often when the dog wasn’t in motion.
What I was chasing was that if the dog was at home, the device wouldn’t trigger often, but when he/she was travelling it would trigger more often, making it easier to find.