WisNode TrackIt RAK2171 - SOS not working


I just get a WisNode TrackIt RAK 2171 device. I have configured the device using Third Party NS and I have registered the tracker on the Helium network. Next I have added the device on the DataCake platform so I can monitor the device on a dashboard. I do get data in the dashboard, such as geolocation, battery level, etc. but the SOS does not seem to be triggered by the device and always indicate “No” status.

This is what I tried:

  1. SOS status = “False” (DataCake)
  2. Press 5 times the device button to send the SOS signal (the button blinks red)
  3. SOS status remains “False” (DataCake)
  4. Manually set value to “True” (DataCake)
  5. Press 5 times the device button to cancel the SOS signal (the button stops blinking)
  6. The value automatically changes status and indicates, “False” (DataCake)

Conclusion: it seems that whenever I try to send an SOS signal there is no signal sent. However, whenever I cancel the SOS signal there is a signal sent as the dashboard will eventually change status (this is confirmed by the fact that I have previously set the value manually to True).

Can someone help with this issue?

Thank you,