WisToolbox freezing on white screen on Debian 11! (Follow-up)

Hi @carlrowan

Sorry had to reopen a thread as forum closes topics a little too fast :frowning: here are my answers at previous thread and your last message in it:

Hi @carlrowan,

You’re welcome and please see below my comments on points you listed plus some extra infos :wink: My apologises for the long delay to answer but I have been quite overbusy with work :frowning:

Well I resetted using terminal and AT command (it’s strange as it wast already able to accept AT commands but Wistoolbox had difficulties to communicate with module. Once module resetted, no more communication problem with Wistoolbox !).

Nope templates part works fine now, I can create, edit templates and then push them on the board without issues !

Nope you’re correct for these two points. It would be nice also the App contains all Python libraries it needs to do properly fw upgrades :wink: Once installed libs missing in system, Wistoolbox is able to flash fw properly :slight_smile:

It would be nice also to add a copy button aside each of these fields in the interface :wink:

An other bug: if program loaded in Wisblock sends some message on console port, it’s displayed in the Device button of Wistoolbox :grin: :see_no_evil: (it’s mainly cosmetic as it doesn’t affect ability to connect !).

Hope it helps and impatient to be able to try next release of it :wink:

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Thank you for the feedback @vincen . I will give this input to the WisToolBox team.

Btw, on your debian installation, what Python libraries you need to install?

Well basically it was quite simple, I followed the tutorial (sorry can’t find back right now the link on docs.rakwireless.com) for manual flash of firmwares that indicates python version needed (at least version 3) and libs to go with ! Once done, no problem to flash fw from Wistoolbox :slight_smile:

Is there a way to get notified when a new beta is avalaible ? out of checking from time to time downloads.rakwireless.com :frowning:

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