Wistoolbox + RAK4630

Hello again!

It’s Wistoolbox via BLE available on custom RUI3 FW? I’m trying with simple setup() and loop() but the module doesn’t announce.
Maybe I must activate BLE interface on setup side?

If I flash RUI3 4.0.0 from wistoolbox I can see the device, but once flashed with custom FW doesn’t appear.

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Welcome back (again).

When using custom firmware you have to start BLE advertising manually with api.ble.advertise.start(30);. The 30 here means 30 seconds active advertising, then it stops. A 0 would start advertising forever until you call api.system.advertise.stop()

Hello Bernd,

Tested this function on may and It’s true that the module advertises correctly but didn’t find a way to connect and sync data on that time.

Now on RUI 4.0.6 (+ custom firmware) and latest wistoolbox android, the device is showing the same behavior, it connects but wistoolbox complains that cannot detect the device, also connecting to AT console from wistoolbox the device doesn’t respond to any AT command sent.

Attached at the same time to USB terminal, I can see Connected and Disconnected messages.

Do I need to make something more in the code?


The BLE WisToolBox connection should be handled by RUI3, not by the application code.

But I heard from Carl about a similar problem. I will check with him and the R&D team.

What is the WisToolBox application version?

Hello Bernd the wistoolbox is V1.21.4 and my application add a few custom AT commands on top (based on your examples from GitHub).

I’ve tested two RAK4631 modules and both show the same behavior

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Hello Javier,

I checked with our R&D team and then tried as well by myself.

Please use

	Serial6.begin(115200, RAK_AT_MODE);

To get the BLE UART to work in AT mode, then it can connect to WisToolBox correctly.

Hello Bernd,

Tested and working okay. BTW if I remember well, wistoolbox does get custom AT commands to show on application?
I’ve enabled custom commands option on wistoolbox settings but they doesn’t appear.

Will investigate further on my side…

Many thanks

To see the custom AT commands, you have to enable it first. In the desktop app you have to do a change in the preferences:

there you can enable syncing the custom AT commands

In the mobile app open the More menu (3-dot icon)

then go to Preferences

there enable Sync RUI3 and custom commands

That’s at least the theory, I just tried over BLE and it didn’t show me the custom AT commands. I can issue them through the BLE console, I can see them with AT?, but they are not shown in the “normal” UI.

Let me know if it works for you.

Of course, I have these parameters enabled.

And I have the same behavior: I can issue the custom at command via BLE console but not appearing on the menu


Thanks for verifying my experience. I will forward the issue to our WisToolBox software engineers.

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Many thanks for your support.

As a suggestion for WisToolBox, will be amazing if software engineers add support for custom AT commands introduction other than string values. I mean, a combobox with fixed values, or a slider for integer values.

Probably they’ll need to redefine RUI3 API too, but I think this is a nice to have feature.


Hi Javier,
Interesting suggestion, not sure if it can be realized as there are so many options that will pop-up with such features. It will be definitely require changes on both WisToolBox and RUI3 API.
I have forwarded the suggestion to our teams.

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Thank you again Bernd. Great support as always!

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Sorry for the late reply on the WisToolBox BLE custom AT command issue.

It turned out that the problem is on the RUI3 side. While the custom AT commands are now shown (WistoolBox problem, fixed in the next release), on the RUI3 side there is still a bug.

Custom AT commands in RUI3 are only working over UART/USB connection. They are not working over BLE. I opened an issue in our internal bug list and wait for the response from the team.


Turns out, it is not a problem with RUI3 or with WisToolBox.

It is my spoiled brain that forgot that RUI3 is different to my own WisBlock API :sob:

Try this for the responses of the custom AT commands:

    if (param->argc == 1 && !strcmp(param->argv[0], "?"))
        // Send over UART/USB
        Serial.printf("=%ld\r\n", g_send_repeat_time / 1000);

#ifdef RAK4630
        // Send over BLE
        Serial6.printf("=%ld\r\n", g_send_repeat_time / 1000);

In RUI3 the ATC command handler is sending the response by itself, so if required to send over BLE, you have to add it. Send with Serial6.print…

Didn’t find time yet to test it fully.