WisToolBox - re-flash the RAK10700 with original code

Good morning @beegee,

I am trying to re-flash with zip file ( WisBlock_LPWAN_Tracker_V1.1.2_2023. ) that I found in you github page: LPWAN-Tracker-Solution

Could you help me? I am doing with the WisToolBox, but the upload is freezing in the middle of the update process:

HI Claudio,

The WisBlock LPWAN tracker is based on Arduino Open Source BSP.
WisToolBox does support only RUI3 devices for firmware uploads.

Easiest way to flash the latest firmware is to download the [ WisBlock_LPWAN_Tracker_V1.1.2_2023. file, double push reset and drag the .UF2 file to then new RAK4631 drive that pops up after the double reset push.

Good morning,

Thank you by your support.

Sorry but I didn´t understand what do you mean with “double reset” and drag .UF2 for where and how ?


The WisBlock Base Boards have a reset button

If you connect the device to a computer over USB, and quickly push the reset button twice, your computer will show up a new external drive:

Now drag the .UF2 file to this new drive:

Copying the file is flashing the firmware to the RAK4631

Cool, but I think that the bootloader is not working as expected, because nothing happen after push twice the reset.

How to rewrite the bootloader?


Is the WisBlock detected on USB?

You might try multiple times and be really fast with the double reset push.

If the WisBlock is detected on USB, you can follow this article and download the required adafruit-nrfutil.exe

a) You can update the bootloader with
adafruit-nrfutil.exe --verbose dfu serial --package WisCore_RAK4631_Board_Bootloader.zip --port COM19 -b 115200 --singlebank --touch 1200

  • Replace COM19 with your COM port the WisBlock is connected to.

b) You can flash the firmware with
adafruit-nrfutil.exe --verbose dfu serial --package WisBlock_LPWAN_Tracker_V1.1.2_2023. --port COM19 -b 115200 --singlebank --touch 1200

  • Replace COM19 with your COM port the WisBlock is connected to.

Thank you by your support.

No, the RAK10700 is not detect, I mean the USB is working for AT commands, but I can´t make it work as a windows drive, no matter how fast I do the double push.

The adafruit-nrfutil.exe is giving me “timeout” in the serial port, in this device case, COM12.

I am already buying a daplink-tool, to try to reflash the bootloader, in the last case :slight_smile:

Any ideas?

Sorry, I have no idea. The double push reset to enter bootloader works perfectly for me all the time.