Wistrio 5205 GPS signal not found

Hello, got 4 RAK5205 @433MHz and they fail to acquire GPS most of the time even if the GPS antenna are already in clear site under the sky. Below are some details

[16:43:43:795] RAK5205_TrackerBoard software version:

[16:43:43:820] LIS3DH init success!

[16:43:43:835] ACC X:16mg Y:-32mg Z:-992mg

[16:43:43:853] BME680 init success!

[16:43:44:145] T: 33.48 degC, P: 1005.80 hPa, H 64.59 %rH , G: 23605 ohms

[16:43:44:154] Please Configurate parameters…

[16:44:15:363] Configuration OK!

[16:44:15:365] app_interval = 120

[16:44:15:368] gps_stime = 10

[16:44:15:373] msg_confirm = 0

[16:44:15:373] power_save = 1

[16:44:15:373] Selected LoraWAN 1.0.2 Region: EU433

[16:44:15:430] Board Initialization OK!


[16:44:15:441] OTAA mode:

[16:44:15:441] DevEui: 60C5A8FFFE760016

[16:44:15:441] AppEui: 00137A1000000000

[16:44:15:441] AppKey: 5A6967426565416C6C69616E63653039

[16:44:15:444] OTAA Join Start…

[16:44:20:625] OTAA Join Success!

[16:44:29:628] FAIL. GPS signal not found!

[16:44:35:209] Tx_Bat: 4170mv,speed: 0.000000km/h

[16:44:39:052] Tx_ACC X:16mg Y:-32mg Z:-992mg

[16:44:43:183] T: 33.68 degC, P: 1005.76 hPa, H 62.49 %rH , G: 28151 ohms

[16:44:47:480] T: 33.84 degC, P: 1005.76 hPa, H 62.11 %rH , G: 36198 ohms

You need to check how long it takes to search for GPS?
Command to modify GPS time:


Im giving that at command, at+set_config=device:gps_timeout:60 but the device is not responding to at commands

even at+version does not work

what am i doing wrong?

HI Nicholas,

The device sleeps and does not respond… Once it awakes and I issue the command at+set_config=device:gps_timeout:60 , it returns ERROR-1

Any hint how to resolve this?

Thanks in advance

Neil Ablang

Hello @slyfoxneil
You use an old FW version ( The new one is You can find the firmware and documents how to update it here RAK5205 . Also, there is a document for the latest AT commands.

Todor Velev

Thank you Todor. Ill try this

Also do you have sample frequency plan for 433MHz where RAK7249 has 16 channels? I believe this is with 2 radios with 8 channels each. I just need to make sure Im not stepping on the frequencies of the other radio. On the WebUI, there is button there for add lora concentrator

Again, thanks in advance

Neil Ablang

5205 already working fine. thanks so much

Hi @slyfoxneil,

Unfortunately, we have no experience with the 433MHz band. It is true that you can have 16 channels with RAK7249, however I can’t seem to understand how to fit them in the band. The official LoRa Alliance document states that there are supposed to be 16 channels, however there is bandwidth only for 8. I admit I am confused. If anyone can explain it would be really nice as I also want to know :slight_smile:


Thats correct. Only for 8 channels. I am really puzzled how to use this RAK7249 with 16 channels as specied. If I operate the two radios together with same frequency plan , they will just interfere with each other

Hi @slyfoxneil,

The RAK7249 is perfectly capable of working with 16 channels. The issues is the 433MHz band. I don’t see 16 channels being available there, I am sorry.


Hi Vladislav,

Yes, I understand as also reviewed the LoRa regional parameters specs for 433MHz.

I might just consider the 915MHz because of capacity issues in the future for 433MHz due to very narrow bandwidth allocation

Best Regards

Neil Ablang