WisTrio LoraWAN mode TX power setting

I can’t find an AT command that allow me to change the transmit power when the module is configured as LoRaWan. The default transmitt power is set to 0dbm.
The firmware verison is the 3.0.

Please help


Hello @rosario
The command is at+set_config=lora:tx_power:X
X is the level of Tx power. You can found the LoRaWAN specification here https://github.com/RAKWireless/Update-File/blob/master/LoRaWANRegionalParametersv1.0.2.pdf

Todor Velev

Hello Todor,
thanks for yoyr reply.
We have already tried this command but the the system says that the command is invalid, please see the attached images.
Do you have any suggestion?


Hi @rosario,

RAK5205 is built based on RAK811 module, and we’ve released the latest firmware for RAK811 core module and it supports to set TX power using that AT command.

We’re developing the latest firmware for RAK5205, and there will be this AT command too. Please wait several days, if it is released, i’ll send to you ASAP.