Wrong batt polarity

I messed with wrong polarity on battery input, my module smells of burnt, is there any way to save my module? :grinning:

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Hi @siwilis ,

That’s sad to hear :cry:

The wrong polarity you did is on the battery connector of the RAK5005-O WisBlock Base Board? If it is, the battery is directly connected to the Charger IC and 3.3V LDO regulator.

Highly likely that those components are the ones that got damaged. The high current can possible went thru the ESD diodes of those chips shorting them (damaged internal chip ESD diodes fail short unless really fried that it can be open). The damage can also be present on the mosfet body diode of the LDO regulator tps62840. Imagine putting positive voltage on GND and negative on VIN.

Can you check which IC or part/s of the board got burnt marks? There might be a chance that other modules including the core board are still ok. Just need to replace the damaged parts. I suggest you remove any modules on the Base Board before doing anything/troubleshooting. So all possible damage or further damage will be contained only on Base Board and your precious WisBlock Core/modules will be still safe hopefully :pray:

Thank you for the advice, I immediately ordered a new module, hopefully only the baseboard has a problem

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Did you order only the WisBlock Base module?

I advise you to try to power your RAK4631 via external power supply via the SWD Programming pins. You can connect the supply on the VDD and GND line. Check if the current is not too high. Just to be sure nothing is shorted or damaged on that Core module.

There is no standard which is positive or negative on JST connector so extra care is really needed on those. I wish you get your new module soon.

No, I ordered with 4631 module, where can I get info about connection in SWD? Is there any documentation for the wiring?

I agree with what you did. Just get a whole new set. If the RAK4631 is still working, you have now two WisBlock Core boards.

Here’s the connection on RAK4631.