Wrong coordinates or decoder


There is something wrong with device data transfer. I’m using loraserver. Also your decoder doc:

Device: RAK5205
Firmware version:
Bootloader: 3.0.2


Using doc it decodes like this:
data_DecodeDataObj_gps_latitude 21.3740°
data_DecodeDataObj_gps_longitude 1441.8305°

On serial port tool it shows correct coordinates.
True coordinates something around : 54.717611, 25.289067

Hi. Can you explain a bit more. Maybe some ChirpStack screens?

I will add screenshot from ChirpStack soon waiting for record.

Also some screens to explain my question:

On this screen you can see longitude decoded with your documentation. This longitude does not exist 1441.8305, but this payload came from my device.

This screenshot show simple online decoder, decodes in same way longitude parameter.


There are two formats for display of GPS data. You can read them and see which one is displayed?

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Sorry about that. we have fix the bug, please clone the newest script from github.https://github.com/RAKWireless/RUI_LoRa_node_payload_decoder