Yocto interfaced rak5146

We have to insert a rak5156 with mPCI slot into a card on which there is an imx8 running Linux YOCTO.

The requirements that we wanted to submit to technical support are:

  1. is there a guide to modify the device tree to insert the rak5146 driver into the linux kernel, or is it sufficient to characterize the Kernel USB driver, if so how?

2)We want the gateway to do forward packeting, to route messages via ethernet to a remote server; Is there any software for Linux that must be installed on YOCTO to achieve this packet forwarding automatically? (we’ve seen some for the Raspberry Pi4, but we wonder if it’s also there for YOCTO).

  1. In the presence of the 5146 gateway, is there the possibility of being able to send the host embedded Linux system to sleep without compromising the functioning of the gateway, or must the embedded Linux always be active to guarantee the correct functionality of the gateway?

Hi @frabars72 We do not provide any ready-to-use examples for Yocto. However, you can check the Orne Brocaars Yocto recipes that are based on the Semtech HALs for SX1301. RAK5146 is based on the SX1303, but you can use it as a starting point.
To forward the LoRaWAN packets you will need the UDP Packet Forwarder to the Basics Station forwarder software.

The Semtechs git for SX1302/1302 can be found here: GitHub - Lora-net/sx1302_hal: SX1302/SX1303 Hardware Abstraction Layer and Tools (packet forwarder...). Cross-compilation is also available.

Thanks for reply .
I have another question , my host microcontrooler must go in sleep , its possible wake up from RAK5146 when some pachet of data are arrived ?

@frabars72 there is no such functionality available. The module needs to be powered to be able to receive the packet, and the forwarder to be able to forward it, so the MCU needs to be working.