3172 new firmware 3.2.0-p2_22q1_final.87, command AT+PRECV=65534 doesn't work


I just downloaded the latest RUI3 firmware for the module 3172, the command AT+PRECV=65534 is no longer working, it suppose to keep listening to receive lora package but it stop after one message is received, looking at all the new AT commands, this was still the same for the new firmware. Any advise?


Welcome to the forum @hunghp
Yes this bug was already found. It will be fixed in the next release.

@beegee, Oh thank you, will wait for the fix. In the mean time I was going to try out the RUI3 Arduino BSP on the 3172 module, but I noticed the support was removed recently because it was not ready on GitHub repo. When do you think it will be ready? We are try out this new module on our new product and would like to use RUI3 instead of the ST SDK.


Hi James,
We are fixing a few incompatibilities and RUI3 for RAK3172 will be available soon (never ask a SW engineer for release date).
But you can start writing code with RUI3 using the RAK4630 as device and then later just switch the device to RAK3172. It will compile and run without changes.

I am working on a (rather complicated) RUI3 example and I use the same code on RAK3172 and RAK4630 for my tests.

Much appreciated Bernd,

We will do as you suggested. We wanted to know the release date because we have a few modules that will be in the field very soon for beta testing over a couple of months in different terrains and use cases. We only discovered RAK recently and would like to put the RAK modules into our tests as well. We will purchase some RAK4630 to test as well.

Thank you,

I am waiting for it as well, only thing I can do right now is to be patient.