4631 LoRaWAN Deep Sleep not joining network - US915

We are doing some testing with the WisBlock 4631 module, specifically the deep sleep functions. Our requirements call for very low power consumption while not transmitting.

We have downloaded the example here:

We have changed the keys and IDs, set the region to US915, and uploaded the sketch. We see the device attempt to join multiple times, and after a few attempts the console output indicates that the join failed. I’ve gone through the things in this thread (which mostly discusses EU868 related issues), but so far have not been able to resolve this problem:


When we try the “normal” OTAA example the device joins right up and sends a test message every two minutes as expected.

Has anyone else had this problem and been able to resolve it?

We are doing our testing with The Things Network. There are currently two gateways running in range.

Hi @nmcminn

I just tried the LoRaWAN deep sleep example (w/ debug output enabled), albeit with the Helium backend, and the RAK4631 was able to successfully join after about 10 attempts.

Now, when I disable debug output, the join happens after the first or second attempt.

Try disabling debug output - you still have the LEDs telling you about the device being on or sleeping.


Hi Felix,

Disabling or enabling debug output doesn’t seem to make a difference.

If debug output affects the join behavior in your example, is it some sort of timing issue?