7204 sensors inaccuracy

I have two Rak 7204 side by side most of the sensors line up with the exception of the Air Resistance.

Generally one hovers around 10 (and maxes out at 13)


and the other hovers around 30 range


This is a non-Rak implementation for comparison, I also have an AirVisual Pro for additional comparitive it uses an AQI number and a SparkFun environmental board which uses a CCS811 so a couple of comparison points. This is the link to Adafruit.io for the sparkfun board.

I also have one outside Rak7205 which I would expect to be much higher which it is in the 40-50 range.


Thoughts on the first two sensors, my guess is the 01 sensor is malfunctioning.

Also is there a way to default to an AQI measure instead?
https://github.com/BoschSensortec/BSEC-Arduino-library looks like it supports it.