7244C volume controls on LTE HAT

This is likely a really stupid question… but how to adjust the volume of the headphone and speaker jack for the cellular HAT. Tried the Alsamixer but not seeing any changes and not sure if the board is even registered with the PI as a controllable sound device. The sound is extremely faint. One great thing is I finally can make a VoLTE call after digging into random scripts via Google searches.

thanks in advance

++ still looking for an answer to this question

I am completely stuck. I cannot get the microphone jack on the cellular hat to work. Using alsamixer I choose the couple choices provided and neither have a capture capability or microphone listed.

Screen Shot 2021-04-03 at 5.51.55 PM

Can I please get an assist. This is critically holding up a project that could ultimately lead to having several thousand 7244C gateways in the wild in 90 days.