7268C - firmware OTA firmware update possible source of large data usage?

I have a RAK7268C connected to TTN via cellular backhaul using a Hologram SIM card. Daily cellular data usage is ~2MB per day for the past 3 months. However on Aug 27 the daily data usage jumped to 21MB and then on Aug 28 the data usage jumped to 48MB at which point Hologram paused the data flow.

I have 20 sensors in my system and after reviewing my system logs, I am confident that the source of the large data flow is not from the sensors.

I am wondering if the source of the large data flow could be a software update being pushed out to the 7268C by RAKWireless. I know RAK pushes out updates for their Helium miners, but am not sure if they push out updates for their other gateways. As far as I know, I have not registered the gateway to receive updates. I have the 7268C set up in BasicStation mode.

I would appreciate feedback and suggestions on the following questions

  1. Does the 7268C get automatic software updates?
  2. Any ideas on how to uncover the source of the large data flow? My next step is to post in the Hologram forums.
  3. Is it possible to enable the white list function on the 7268C and still connect it to TTN? I am asking because the instructions I followed to configure the gateway for TTN specified using the BasicStation mode, which does not have white list capability.

Thanks all!
Mike Boucher