A newest software based on Raspbian OS for RAK2245 and RAK831 + RPi!

(Fomi Tong) #1

Hi, everyone

In the last two weeks, my team worked hard to develop a newest version software for RAK2245(with UART GPS) + RPi and RAK831 + RPi, based on Raspbian OS.
Now, i’m very glad to announce that we’ve released it today.
You can download the image from the following link:
and make a SD card system for your RAK2245 + RPi or RAK831 + RPi, according to the document:

In this version, we supply a friendly configuration UI as follow:
People only need to type a command “sudo gateway-config”, then this UI will come.
I think it can simplify the operate steps for the canfigeration of a LoRa gateway.

Do you like it? Just download and try. :slight_smile:

(Fomi Tong) #2

We’ll update its source code on Github next week. Just focus on this topic. :slight_smile:

(Vladislav Yordanov) #3

Perhaps let us beta test it first before doing any updates to GIT :slight_smile:

(HYH) #4

Hello, I am using this software. I have two questions.

  1. do we need to enter the gateway id in order to connect to TTN?
  2. is there any command allow us to see the log file? i.e. to see the connection, uplink downlink

(Fomi Tong) #5

Hi, @ms042087

Welcome to RAK forum!
All information about RAK831, RAK2245, RAK7243 (LTE) can be found in my topic:

About your questions:

  1. When the gateway power on, it will generate an ID automatically, and you can find it by selecting “3 Edit packet-forwarder config” item in the following page:
    Then you can see the gateway ID:

  2. If want to see the log, you can find the syslog file in the folder </var/log/syslog>.

(HYH) #6

Thanks for answering, now I can see the log file!
I encounter another problem. After looking into the log file, I observe that CRC_FAIL: 100%.
I am not sure if it is a problem of gateway or node
Gateway hardware: RAK831 + Raspberry Pi
Node hardware: Dragino LoRa shield + Arduino Due / UNO (I tried both)
Node software: the Arduino-lmic

frequency: 868EU

Sometimes (Just rarely), the packet can be uploaded to TTN. I found that the RSSI is pretty low but two devices are close to each other. Is there any method to know what the problem is?