Access RAK4260 DevEUI from code


I have been working on a project that uses multiple RAK4260 WisDuo LPWAN modules and I would like to know if it is possible to access the boards’ DevEUI from code, rather than manually setting the values printed on the label of each board.

So far, I’ve been able to access the device’s 128-bit unique serial number by reading the words at the following addresses:

  • Word 0: 0x0080A00C
  • Word 1: 0x0080A040
  • Word 2: 0x0080A044
  • Word 3: 0x0080A048

Is the DevEUI related to these values in any way?

Thank you!

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Hello @CaioBg , welcome to the forum.

The LoRaWAN credentials are hard-coded in the source code. You have to change them there. Details can be found in RAK4260 Quick Start Guide.

The DevEUI is not generated from the unique chip ID. As LoRaWAN Alliance member, we have our own set of DevEUI’s that we assign to our LoRaWAN modules.

Hello @beegee!

I will follow the guide you suggested!

Thank you!