ADC5 Input on RAK3172


Currently, I’m trying to read analog pin of ADC5 (PA15) of the RAK3172 module using the RUI3 Arduino library, but I always get the value of 0.
In the board selection I use the WisDuo RAK3172 Evaluation Board.
Is there some step I’m missing to use the ADC5 as analog input? Based on the schematic here, pin ADC5 should be able to be used as analog input.


At the moment only PB3 and PB4 are supported as analog inputs in RUI3.

This is already in the bug list and will be changed.

Got it, thanks for the response!

Hi Beegee, I am using 3272S ( 3172 break out) and seems then there is no analog capable pin routed to the pin headers. Is it also planned to define one of the available pins in the pin header be able to read analog values?

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If you are using RUI3 to write your firmware, it supports only PB3 and PB4 as analog inputs and these two pins are not on the pin headers of the RAK3272S.

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