ADR_ACK_LIMIT and ADR_ACK_DELAY values for RAK3172

Hi - what are the ADR_ACK_LIMIT and ADR_ACK_DELAY values for the RAK3172? According to RP002-1.0.3 section 2.3, these are recommended to be 64 and 32 respectively, but I can’t see confirmation of the actual values in the RAK3172, nor can I see a way of reading these values via AT commands.

Hello @stefan_bare, coincidentally I have the same doubt, and I would appreciate an answer about this topic too.

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Hi @stefan_bare @joao_berlese ,

Those two parameters are not configurable and follows the default values. Depending on the LoRaWAN network server, the LNS also send ADR link request which resets the ADR_ACK_CNT (this is the case I observed in TTN). Btw, encounter any issues regarding this?

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Hi @carlrowan, thanks for the reply.

Just to be sure, the default values are the follow ones (as @stefan_bare point out)?

And following this documentation from semtech: Understanding ADR
We could use the following example image to show how RAK3172 will proceed to rise the SF when ADR ON, in a low SF and no answer received from the network:

In the example, the values are 20 and 5… But our values are 64 and 32. That’s it?

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Hi @joao_berlese ,

Yes. That is correct. I am not sure why LoRa Alliance used values of 20 and 5 but on the default setting on the regional standard that is 64 and 32.

Personally, I rarely see the 64 and 32 values since I always have a gateway close to me. And whenever I move a device to a different location and start not sending uplinks, I restart the device which means it will start again to a higher SF before optimizing to a lower values.


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