An entirely new firmware for RAK5205 WisTrio!

Hi all,

From now on, please ignore all old version firmware of RAK5205!

I’m glad to tell you that my team has just released an entirely new firmware for RAK5205 Wistrio, V3.0.0.2.
You can find the firmware here:
“.H” means high frequency, and “.L” means low frequency.
This is the ChangeLog of this firmware:
It is really an improvement for using, especially on power consumption and customization.

You can use this firmware according to the new document:

RAK5205’s power consumption is only 13.8uA when it works in sleep mode:


This new firmware supplies a set of AT commands as you see in the document for using.
Addition, it supplies a set of APIs for users, and you can customize the usage method of RAK5205 according to your mind by calling APIs.
I’ll announce RAK customization cloud platform and document some days later.

This is a good news, I don’t know if you still use Keil compiler?
I’m still waiting for GCC version …

The RAR files doesn’t seem to open properly, can you check on the deposit?



This is awesome and a great improvement, but a black box is not what we need. If this is a development board, we need the source code to be able to analyze it and make changes so that it meets our needs. Also, we need to be able to compile the code with GCC and open source platforms. Otherwise it’s useless for the LoRa community.

The existent source code is only available for the (privative and expensive) Keil compiler and it does not even meet the specifications of the datasheet (

I hope you can give us some hope about your plans regarding this important issue…

Best Regards.

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We’re still working hard to build an online gcc compile enviroment for users to customize and compile their firmware of RAK5205 according to their application mind.
Just wait for my news, it will be released soon.

I’ve loaded the new firmware and all looks basically fine, but the GPS trace on the serial port is odd … I see …

Go to Sleep.
Wake up.
Start Search Satellite ...
Gps normal.
latitude: 51.45721, longitude: 0.0 , altitude: 0m 
Battery Voltage = 4.188 V 
ACC X: 0 mg, Y: 0 mg, Z: -256 mg 
Humidity:46.0 %RH
pressure:1007.0 hPa
Temperature:36.0 degree
[LoRa]: Send out
[LoRa]: Confirm data send OK
Go to Sleep.

Latitude is about right, but longitude and altitude both at 0 are wrong. A bug?

Sadly the temp is about right. Hot in London today!

Device Status shows …

===============Device Status List================
Board Core:  RAK811
LoRa chip:  SX1276
Battery Voltage = 4.192 V 

Support Gps:true
Gps Timeout:60 s
latitude: 51.45731, longitude: 0.0 , altitude: 68m 

LIS3DH sensor:ACC X: -256 mg, Y: -256 mg, Z: 0 mg 

BME680 sensor:pressure:1007.0 hPa
Temperature:35.0 degree
Humidity:46.0 %RH
===================List End======================

Hey Fomi,

Do you plan to provide the SDK for latest firmware version Only the .bin file exists in the following link…


Hi @jithins,

Which module do you say, RAK811 or RAK5205?

Hey @Fomi

I am working on the RAK811 module with firmware version…

Would love to have the SDK for this firmware.

Thanks & Best Regards

Hi @jithins,

The v3.x.x.x firmwares of RAK811 are all developed based on RAK IoT SDK named RUI, and all of RAK IoT nodes modules/products will be developed based on RUI actually.
RUI will not be fully open source, but we will supply a set of APIs for developers to customize their customized firmware according to their usecase. The following picture shows the architecture of RUI:
The application can be customized by developers freely.
More details about RUI APIs, please have a look at RAK online document:

This week, RAK will supply an online compiling enviroment for developers, if we complete it, i’ll tell you ASAP, then you can try it and give me some suggestions.:slight_smile:

Hey @Fomi

Many Thanks… Didnt knew about the RUI SDK…

Will await your release of the online compiling platform… :slight_smile: Thanks & Best regards

Hi Fomi, I bought the RAK5205 because it was in the spec sheet it was sold to be low power and open source.

I have discovered after trying it that it is not low power

The solution proposed by RAK is to move to the latest firmware generation and now I see that this new firmware will not be open source.
I was planning to perform some power measurements soon, but since this firmware will not be open source, I will have to pass.

I have bought RAK831 gateway, LoRa button, RAK811 itracker, RAK5205 and was looking at your latest tracker.
So far, the only product that I am happy with is the gateway. I was very enthousiast when you annouced your RAK5205 tracker and bought as soon as it was publicly available.

But now, I feel quite disappointed by your products because they cannot deliver what it was promised.

I do not ask anything, the goal of this post is just to provide a (former) customer feedback.

Hi @kastayou,

Our new firmware has low power and it is developed based on RAK IoT SDK named RUI. RUI is not open source, but it supply a set of APIs for users to customize their customized firmware for their own products which is built based on RAK module like RAK811 module.
Surely, you can think RAK5205 is built on RAK811 module, and add some sensors and GPS, the new firmware for RAK5205 is developed by cally RUI APIs in Application. So, as you see in the above picture, we will not open source RUI core which is only releated with RAK811 module, but we will open source all codes of Application, including RAK5205 sensors’s driver. By calling RUI APIs, users can add their own sensors and compile a customized firmware for their new products easily.

Hi @Fomi,

I am unable to use at+set_config=device:gps:X commands after building framework using online compiler. Can you please check?


Hi @plachira,

Yes, the latest firmware, which you can compile by yourself by using RAK online compiler, has removed AT commands about sensors including GPS. Because all sensors’s driver including GPS are developed based on RUI API:

Now, the default AT commands are all about RAK811 core module.
I think you can manage all about sensors by customizing a new “Application” based on our official RAK5205’s “Appilcation” source code:

@Fomi @kenyu RAK5205 stopped working after I connected to 3.7 V LiPo battery. Can you please help me with replacement?

@Fomi @kenyu Would it be possible to have a sample rui.h to know the format we should use for various variables and how/what to fill to be able to use the board with TTN?

Thanks :slight_smile: