Antenna connection options

Do the two rak3172 variants use the same pcb design?

Reason for question, supposing I build a carrier with a RP-SMA option, would I need to use some type of jumper? In other words, when using the IPEX variant, does it matter if there is a 50R impedance track on the RF pin?

Hi @friesen ,

The RAK3172 IPEX and non-IPEX variant has same PCB design.

It has 0201 jumper resistor that selects the path of the antenna.

With regards to 50R impedance path, any wire connected to RF out is considered to be a transmission line. I suggest you implemented same approach as we did and not mix up any unintended trace together. Just select one RF path.

Can you clarify? Are you saying the ipex variant is connected to the rf pin in some way?

RAK3172 PCB design is the same for both IPEX and non-IPEX.

There is a 0201 0 ohm resistor that sets the RF path going to RF out.

Here’s the schematic of IPEX connector and RF out. You can see here R1 = 0 ohm. It will have a resistor if RF out is used (non-IPEX variant).


Here’s actual board with IPEX variant and you can see that the pad is empty.


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Thank you for this detail.

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