Antenna RF Design Service for RAK3172-SIP

HI Carl

I have seen that RAK offer a Antenna RF Design Service for the RAK3172-SIP (EU868) for $200.

We have two products at the moment that use this solution and because of the size of PCB and Enclosure and production volumes require an antenna designed on the PCB.

Can you please explain the service that RAK offers

Kind Regards

Paul Humphreys

Hi Paul,

You order the service through our store.
You send us this information:

• PCB size, thickness, number of layers
• schematic (PDF is sufficient)
• enclosure size
• the exact location of the PCB inside the enclosure
• enclosure material
• location of the battery
• preferable to provide a 3d model with all the components
• Center Frequency
• Bandwidth
• RF propagation profile
• PCB type
• Size and dimension constraints
• RF transceiver to be used

We design the antenna on your PCB, discuss with you if there are any changes required (moving components, moving battery, …) and send you the antenna design as gerber file (other formats possible as well). The antenna design includes the RF path matching, but in the first step these components might not be placed. At this stage the antenna performance is simulated only.

After you have PCB prototypes, assembled (better) or none assembled, you send us one or two prototypes and we check if a change in the RF path matching is required and do measurements on the real parts.