Appropriate fuse size for the Battery and Solar connections on the WisBlock

What is the appropriate fuse size for the Battery and Solar connections on the WisBlock?

What is the max current of your battery and the max current of your solar panel?

The current draw of the WisBlock depends on

  • Which WisBlock Core module is used?
  • What other modules are used. E.g. cellular modules like the RAK5860 or RAK13102 with Blues Notecard can draw peak currents of 2 amperes from the battery.

Good morning,

Meshtastic starter kit with;

WisBlock base (RAK19007)

WisBlock core (RAK4631)


Temper& Humidity sensor (RAK1901)

OLED Display SSD1306 (RAK1921)

Battery is made up of four, 9,900MAH 18650 batteries in parallel.

These 9,900 MAH batteries have their own BMS internal to them for disconnect in low or high voltage and overcurrent protection.

Solar is comprised of two, 6 watt, 5 VDC panels in parallel. They have a regulated 5 vdc output.

I’m just trying to protect the WisBlock from overload with some simple little glass fusses.

Thank you for your assistance.

Guy Dauderman
RockTop Ranch
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Hi Guy,

With that setup you can expect a current draw below 200mA from the WisBlock.

I guess this will be a repeater/router?

Yes guessed it. We have a ranch West of Austin and my house is on a hilltop that is the second highest point in Travis county. I’m placing it on a 24’ pole in the corner strapped against a Live Oak tree. I can line of sight about 18 miles so it should help anyone get over the hill into Austin.

Thanks for the assistance!


Guy Dauderman
RockTop Ranch
214 869-7023


Where did you plug the GPS module.
The Baseboard of the RAK10702 is very different from our standard Base Boards. Not sure if Meshtastic can deal with it.

  1. The IO slots are not 100% compatible, they have only the signals connected required by the assigned modules
  2. There are 4 different IO’s used to control power of IO and sensor slots, not only WB_IO2

I just saw we didn’t release the schematics of the RAK10702. I attach them here for reference.

I guess you looked as well in the source code for the RAK10702. It can help to understand the power management on the Base Board and external sensor board.
RAK19024-Ver-B-schematics.pdf (1.2 MB)
RAK13013-Ver-B-schematics.pdf (268.6 KB)