Arduino API - Set Region AU915 Single Channel

Hi, i’m using RAK3172 evolution board and trying set a Single Channel for Australia 915. But i’m not undertand how can i set Single Channel and not first 8 channel…

Welcome to RAK forum @wilian ,

I am not sure why you need single channel but you can enable it using WisToolBox.

Here’s a test on US915 and TTN as network server.

This feature is not accessible via RUI3 API.

However, you can set this up using AT command AT+CHS, for example AT+CHS=904100000.

Whenever you use AT+CHS command, it will override any configured AT+MASK (even via RUI3 API) and AT+CHE then force the module to operate in single channel. Please note that this kind of operation is not LoRaWAN network friendly and not ideal for sharing the unlicensed airwave.

Thanks for all explanations… but i’m not using firmware RUI3 API… I’m using example Lorawan_ABP for Arduino IDE and command to set band is:

uint16_t maskBuff = 0x080;
if (!api.lorawan.mask.set(&maskBuff)) { 
   Serial.printf("LoRaWan ABP - set mask is incorrect! \r\n");


But this way ( uint16_t maskBuff = 0x002) i’m configuring eigth channels…

How can i configure just 1 channel?

Because i dont found like api.lorawan.che or api.lorawan.chs like you wrote…

Can help you me?

Hi @wilian ,

The api.lorawan.mask.set will be overwritten by the AT command AT+CHS which I shared the link above. You have to manually set this via AT command since this it is not available in code.