AT command to receive a P2P FSK packet?

I developing a lab for students based on RAK3172 to showcase different modulations.
The transmission of FSK works perfectly and many parameters can be tuned.
However, I do not find a AT command to receive a FSK packet.
It seems that AT+PRECV only works for LoRa mode.

By the way, is there some project to add OOK modulation in the P2P mode ?

Tks a lot

Welcome to the forum @Ferrero

(1) FSK receive
Run a quick test (never needed FSK before) and can confirm that packets are not received.
==> Pushing to R&D

(2) OOK modulation


With the staging version RUI3 V4.1.1_266 FSK send and receive is working. Setup receiving with AT+PRECV=xxxxx

According to our SW engineers, there is a bug in V4.1.0, the latest released. You might try to use the staging V4.1.1_266 to use FSK

The staging firmware can be found on Github RUI_4.1.1_266.

Use the file RUI_4.1.1_RAK3172-E_final.hex or RUI_4.1.1_RAK3172-E.bin to flash your device (depends on whether you use STMCubeProgrammer, WisToolBox or RAK DFU Tool)