AT Commands in RAK3172

I am sending data to Chirp using AT commands on Rak3172, but I want to send the data in a certain period. For example, 1 data every 10 seconds. Is this possible?

Every 10s is quite extreme for Lora network :confused:

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just an example for explanation

Welcome to RAK forum @Kara ,

If you mean chirpstack, we have an example how you can do that using AT commands.

But as @vincen said, please note that 10 seconds is not acceptable for actual LoRaWAN deployment.

Thank you for the document @carlrowan but I still don’t think I got an answer to my question. I want to see the data I sent with AT+SEND on ChirpStack once every 10 minutes, as shown in the picture. Is there an AT command that will send the data regularly? I couldn’t see it in the document.

Nope it’s your equipment that communicates with RAK3172 that have to take care to send command every X minutes :wink:

There is none @Kara .

However, RUI3 allows you to create custom AT commands which can allow you to have this functionality.

@carlrowan @vincen thank you