AT+DR=0 results in AT_ERROR


I have created a module to communicate with a RAK3172 LoRa module and the command AT+DR=0 is returning AT_ERROR when I use the following initialization sequence.

RAK3172_SendCommand("AT+CLASS=" + String(Class))
RAK3172_SendCommand("AT+BAND=" + String((uint8_t)BAND_EU868))

What is the problem with this sequence?

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Regarding AT+DR=0 error, can you check if your ADR is ON via AT+ADR=??

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In LoRaWAN mode allowed TX power is 0 (strongest) to 10 (weakest). Unless your function is translating the 16 into 0 (max power for EU868) this is the culprit.


the function will translate the Tx power from dB to the value range 0...10 for the RAK.

@kampi ,

Have you checked the ADR? If it is ON, you cannot configure the DR to specific setting.

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