ATC command with UART1?

Hi guys,

Currently I have a problem with UART1. I want to use UART1 to use AT commands, besides that I have added some of my ATC commands. I encountered the following error:

Thank you for your help !

To use ATC commands over UART1, you have to change your code for the ATC commands.

Using UART2 means you are returning your values with (just an example!)

Serial.printf("%s=%ld", cmd, g_send_repeat_time / 1000);

To send the results over UART1 you have to change the code to

Serial1.printf("%s=%ld", cmd, g_send_repeat_time / 1000);
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My bad, I forgot about this. Thanks for your help

Don’t worry, I run into the same problem with sending ATC results over BLE :rofl:

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