ATEX directive for device Ex-ia

I have a measurement project for the flammable gas area and I need to certify the device for intrinsic safety (Ex-ia). For this, it is necessary to provide the ATEX certifying organization with the total sum of capacitance and inductance of the RAK3172 module. Is it possible to send this information to pass on to the certifying company?

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Are these total capacitive and inductive components? How do we model it? Let’s say we have 10 capacitors in the module, shall we just add it? Or should it be treated in series or parallel?

I have few knowledge on ATEX like very strict creepage and clearance requirements but I am not sure with Ex-ia total capacitance and inductance. Also if you have specific clause on the standard, I can ask help from our Certification team for extra assistance.

For ATEX certification, it is considered as if all capacitors were in parallel and for inductance, the sum in series is considered. These definitions are in the IEC 60079-11 document.

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Hi @jaelson ,

Here’s the values I got from our team.

Total Capacitance = 0.0000153750507F
Total Inductance = 0.000015079H

Hi Carl, great news!
The information is essential to follow our project. Thank you very much for the feedback!!