Best RUI3 Firmware version for RA3172

Hello guys, I have some questions about the best (and more stable) RUI3 firmware version for RAK3172.

If we look at the folder where all the RUI3 images are available: RUI3/Image
We will find some different images versions, the main one 3.4.11, some olders versions and the “Beta-Release” versions (3.5.x)…

Which one do I use for production?
Is it dangerous to use the beta version for production?

Hi @joao_berlese ,

The stable version is 3.4.11.

However, the beta version has some improvements which might be essential to your application.

You can view the change log of 3.5.4 and see the fixes on each versions which could have an impact to you. We are going to release 4.0.0 soon (still under test) which will be the next stable version.

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Version most stable here for RAK3172 is 3.4.2, 3.5.X versions are too buggy :frowning:
@carlrowan some new features in V4 ? or just bugfixes and support of new boards ?

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