Bootloader Fails to upgrade via BLE

Updating the Bootloader

RAK4631 WisBlock Core is programmed with USB bootloader so that you can upload application firmware to it without using any exernal tools like Jlink and other programmers/debuggers. However, there are situations that you need to update the bootloader when there is an updated version that supports new features, improvements and bug fixes.

There are various ways to update the bootloader like via USB, Bluetooth and Jlink. The procedure on these methods are explained in this guide.

Bootloader update via USB

On this method, you need to two things:

  1. Adafruit-nrfutil utility program.
  2. RAK4631 Bootloader FW.
For Windows

Download the adafruit-nrfutil.exe and the latest RAK4631 bootloader firmware

Once you downloaded these files, you need to put them on a same directory/folder in your computer.

For simplicity, this guide will assume the files are in C: drive.

When the files are ready, you need to open Windows Command Prompt application. Then you need to change the location to C:.

cd C:\

After that, you can now execute the update using this command.

adafruit-nrfutil.exe --verbose dfu serial --package --port COM8 -b 115200 --singlebank --touch 1200

You need determine if the right COM port number of your device. COM8 on the command above is only for illustration. You will have error if you are not connected to the right COM port number.

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