Breakout for RAK3172-T (need TCXO)


Does the RAK3272S use the RAK3172 or RAK3172-T? Our application will need the low-temperature ability of the RAK3172-T.

I see there’s the RAK3272-SiP but this doesn’t seem to use the RAK3172-T (just a bare IC not module, missing the EMI case?). I also see it doesn’t have the RoHS and REACH certifications the RAK3272S has (I assume it’s the one listed as RAK3172 at here and the other as the RAK3172-SiP?).

We’re after the RAK3172-T as a RoHS, CE certified module on a breakout board - is one available?

Many thanks


Welcome to the forum @srmatt

The RAK3272S is using the RAK3172 without TCXO. At the moment we do not have a breakout board with the RAK3172-T.

The RAK3272-SiP is using the RAK3172-SiP chip, which is using the TCXO. This might be an alternative for you.

Our WisDuo modules are all CE and RoHS certified, but we do not certify the breakout boards, as they are intended to be used as development boards.

Thanks for getting back to me Bernd. I see what you mean about the breakout being for development, though will the certification table be updated to reflect the RAK3172-SiP itself is RoHS certified?

Would the RAK3172-SiP likely require a shield like the RAK3172 for RED/CE certification? I’d rather use a setup during development that’s closest to what we’d be using on a final product. So if the SiP version is going to need significant additions to make it certified on our end product, perhaps we’ll need to go for a RAK3172-T module and develop our own board for it even for internal use. It’ll still need to manage below -20 C so the RAK3272S won’t be suitable for us, but at least a custom board won’t require a custom shield as it might for the SiP.

I do not have feedback whether the RAK3172-SiP needs a shield for certification pass. We do not use it in any of our own products. But there is a chance you need it.

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