Cannot find target RAK8212


We just purchased the RAK8212 board and we are having difficulty uploading our application or bootloader to the MCU. We have the Segger Edu Mini programmer (see photo), with the SWD jumper cables connected appropriately. When we try using nRFgo Studio, or even J-Flash, the target is not detected.

Is there a particular procedure we must use to burn a bootloader into the RAK8212? The DFU and RESET buttons on the dev board don’t seem to do anything.




Please have a look at my document, and do again according it.

Hello Fomi,

I already followed that document, and I am stuck at the step where I need to program the firmware. nRFgo Studio cannot find the target, it says “No device detected”. I can see iTracker via Bluetooth, and once paired with the device, the only service available is UART and nothing is transmitted through that service. What is the firmware on the RAK8212 when we buy it new?



Hi, Alexandre

I have ever met this issue when i don’t use a J-Link or my J-Link is bad. You can see in my document, when i want to program RAK8212, i need to connect RAK8212 and my PC via a J-Link:

BTW, a battery is needed too.

When you receive RAK8212, there is a testing firmware in it.
The latest firmware is placed in RAK website:
and the latest source code is updated on Github:

Hi Tomy,

I have the battery connected to the module like in the photo.

Would it be possible to post closeup photos of the jumper cables connected to the JTAG connector of the J-Link, as well as the jumper cables connected to the RAK8212 module? Just to make sure I have the cables well connected. I presume TMS (pin 7) goes to SWDIO, TCK (pin 9) to SWCLK, RESET (pin 15) to RESET, VCC (pin 1) to VCC and any GND pin (4 to 20) to GND?

If my connexions are ok, then my module must be defective.



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