Can't change settings via P2P if you write customization?(

rak3127tuusinnsiken_recvgawa_sukunakuback_kai.ino (4.1 KB)
ro_6s_send_v2_sf12.log (641 Bytes)

Information about what is written in the custom FW
RUI API Version: 3.2.6
Firmware Version: RUI_4.0.5_RAK3172-E
AT Command Version: 1.5.10

I am creating a system that returns the receiving side’s RSSI and SNR to the sending side when received.

Disclose the source of the incoming custom FW.

Currently, the sending side is prepared using the teraterm macro. (Rak customization is not used separately)

I am running the above system.
The problem is
Set the receiving side using AT command (RAK_SERIAL_PORT_TOOL_V1.2.1.exe)

Set it

The above sender macro also

When I corrected this and changed the sf, there was no response at all.

Custom FW initial settings
uint16_t sf = 7;
It is well known that if you write with sf = 7, it will work.

I’ve looked at a lot of things, but I still don’t understand the problem with custom FW.

Hello Otomo,

Not sure if I understand complete.

(1) you start both sender and receiver with SF12
(2) you want to change the SF to SF7 on both sides while both modules are in RX mode with AT+PRECV=65533 and api.lorawan.precv(65533)

Is my understanding correct?

Just to be safe that both sides are not in RX mode, can you send a AT+PRECV=0 before you change the SF?

Example log. Left side is your code, right side is AT command firmware only.
The problem is that on the device with your custom firmware it is still in RX mode and does not accept the SF change. After sending AT+PRECV=0, it accepts the change.

The problem is that AT+PRECV=65533 and api.lorawan.precv(65533) set the module into permanent RX mode and stay in RX mode even after a packet was received.

Thank you beegees. I confirmed that it worked this time.
Change the P2P settings:

During continuous RX mode, many LoRa P2P parameters cannot be modified as well. AT+PRECV must be set to zero first.

I checked the documentation. It was over trouble.

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