Can't connect RAK4260 to TTN

Issue: Can’t connect RAK4260 to TTN


Server:AS_923 TTN

Details: I’m trying to get my RAK 4260 to TTN. Its running the demo app and was flashed with a RAKDAP1. I have my own gateway using a Raspberry Pi and RAK5146 kit. The gateway seems to receive the join request but then nothing else happens.

Welcome to RAK forum @mooing ,

I have limited experience with Microchip Studio but it looks like there is no join accept from the network server.

Few things to check.

  1. Are OTAA parameters correct (APPEUI, DEVEUI, APPKEY)?
  2. Check if in firmware parameters should be LSB or MSB.
  3. Are the AS923 frequencies correct in all components (LNS, Gateway and Device)?
  4. What LoRaWAN version is running on the LNS and the device? Are they the same?