Can't upload the sketch on RAK 11300 board

Hello, I am now using RAK 11300 with Arduino IDE. I can’t upload the simple sketch on RAK 11300. Uploading the sketch take too long then unsuccess. I installed RAKwireless nRF Boards(0.21.20). I tried to connect RAK11300 board via RAK SERIAL PORT TOOL. Can’t open the COM PORT that board is used.

#include <lib.h>
#include <Arduino.h>
void setup() {
// put your setup code here, to run once:
digitalWrite(LED_BLUE, HIGH);

void loop() {
// put your main code here, to run repeatedly:
// put your main code here, to run repeatedly:
digitalWrite(LED_BLUE, HIGH);
digitalWrite(LED_BLUE, LOW);
Serial.println(“Hello! I’m Alive”);

Welcome to the forum @Thant

I see the problem in your log.
It looks like you are trying to use the RAK4631 BSP for the RAK11300, That cannot work.
You need to install the matching BSP for the RAK11300

Then make sure you have selected the correct board before you upload the code:

If the download still doesn’t work, you might need to install the USB drivers manually.
Please check this post: Can't upload Arduino code on RAK11300 - #3 by beegee

Hi @beegee,
1. I installed “RAKwireless RP Boards” for RAK11300 and selected the correct board ( WisBlock Rak 11300 >> Rakwireless Raspberry Modules >> WisBlock RAK 11300).
2. I run the “post_install.bat” to install the USB drivers as you mentioned in this post: (Can’t upload Arduino code on RAK11300 - #3 by beegee).
Still can’t upload the sketch. Thanks.

What happens if you double click reset while the RAK11300 is powered up?

Do you get a USB drive on your computer?

Hi @beegee,
I pressed the reset button on the RAK 11300. But still not working. One thing is that when plug the usb cable of RAK 11300 to laptop, nothing is showing in “This PC” file explorer (like when plug some USB drive to laptop, can see the USB location on “This PC” file explorer. I do not get the USB drive of that RAK 11300 on laptop.

Can you remove the RAK13600 module for testing.

And can you try to keep the white button pushed when you connect the USB cable to your computer.

You should get a similar external USB drive shown in Windows.

If that works, then try to find the location where Arduino is saving the project files. In Win 10 that could be something like C:\Users\Bernd\AppData\Local\Temp\arduino_build_650770
You can see the build path in the output of Arduino IDE.

Open that folder and you will see several files, one of them with the ending .uf2
Drag that file to the RAK11300 drive that you got after you pushed the white button during power up

Hi @beegee,
I can see the blue LED of RAK11300 is blinking after pasting the ‘…uf2’ file. How can I print some output on serial-monitor of Arduino IDE while doing testing. Another thing is that is it possible to use RAK13600 (NFC Reader) with RAK 11300 together for running script. Thanks for your help.

You can find examples for all our modules in our Github repository for WisBlock.

In RAK13600_PN530_NFC we have many examples for the NFC module that is giving debug output over Serial as well.

For an easy start, you might want to go through the Quick Start Tutorial for the RAk13600

Hi @beegee,
What I mean is how can I run the program on RAK 11300 Base-board directly from Arduino IDE. Now I have to paste the file that is generated after compiled from Arduino. I want to run the sketch directly from Arduino IDE to RAK 11300 Base-board.

Now that you have pushed that elf file, is the device now detected as Serial Port?