Change ADC input pin block software

Issue: change pin ADC stop software

Setup: private board with RAK4260-LoRaNode-demo-master firmware

Details: When i load the not modified firmware, all works fine. I send data (temperature) and go to sleep mode. I do this as many times as I want, no problem. But i try change the input pin of ADC (conf_adc.positive_input = ADC_POSITIVE_INPUT_TEMP) to ADC_POSITIVE_INPUT_PIN17. I can send data and go to sleep mode, once, it works, but if I send data again, the software hangs and on the serial port it says “Tx Data Sent” but that’s it, I get anyway these last data on my LoRa server.


I am testing with the rak 4260 and when activating the adc on pin PA09 (ADC_POSITIVE_INPUT_PIN17), the firmware works once and on the next data send it stops working.
Basically I think it is the same error, and I have already tried in two modules, have you managed to solve it?