Class B in RAK3172 is not working properly, is not receiving beacons

I have a RAK3172 module that I want to run in class B. I am communicating through a RAK7258 gateway which connects to server. Connecting to the network and sending messages works fine but the gateway does not send beacon messages (which I have checked using SDR). The RAK3172 module displays an error “+BC:FAILED” indicating that no beacon message was received. Sending messages from the server (downlink) then does not work. What can I do to make my B-class device work properly?

Device parameters:

Module: “RAK3172-H Version:v1.0.2 May 26 2021”

Class B settings look like this:



Gateway: RAK7258 with firmware “1.0.2_RAK rRAK-3940b904c", mode “Basic Station”, I did not find any more settings in the gateway that could affect beacon sending.

Settings on the server:

I probably wrote the post in the wrong place. Is the problem on the side of Gateway RAK7258? It must have a GPS module as described in this link?

Hi @karharp Welcome to RAK forum.

Regarding Class B, we still have pending issues with TTS and still being solved. RAK3172 Class B operation is working in the Network Server inside our WisGate Edge at the moment.

@carlowan Will there be Class be support for RAK4270 as well?

Hi @Reinier ,

RAK4270 is based on RUI V2 which do not natively support class B. At the moment, we do not have any plan on implementing class B on RAK4270. If you have class B requirements, I highly encourage you to check RAK3172 as alternative. This will be a good choice specially if you are starting a new product design.