Class B Ping Slots and Sleep Mode with RUI3

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In this post carlrowan mentions that the next firmware release (at that time, 2022-06-08) will provide for an automatic sleep functionality.

Does that work by now? I saw some comments in the release notes of the firmware updates since then but I could not find any documentation on that?

How does that “automatic sleep” work? Do I have to “yield” from the code to allow for sleeping? Does it know when to wake up for a ping slot in class B mode?

The example here (RAK-STM32-RUI/LoRaWan_Class_B.ino at main · RAKWireless/RAK-STM32-RUI · GitHub) does not look like a compliant implementation.

Thank you.

Welcome back to forum @tb4450 ,

A major update of RUI3 is scheduled to be released this month (RUI3 v4.0.0). This will include changes on the implementation of SLEEP. Automatic sleep will be now be supported. This also include the sleep in Class B. It will automatically go to sleep mode after opening RX window on the configured pingslot :+1:

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Thanks. That sounds promising.
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