Connecting RAK3172S Breakout Board to AWS IoT for LoRaWAN

I’m attempting to add a RAK3172S Breakout Board to AWS IoT for LoRaWAN through a RAK7268 gateway. The gateway has been added to AWS IoT, is shown to be connected, and uses the US915 band. It has also been configured to use LoRa. However, with the RAK3172S configured as follows (with last 4 digits of DEVEUI blanked out):
I am unable to AT+JOIN=1:0:10:8 to the gateway/AWS, and instead get the message +EVT:JOIN_FAILED_RX_TIMEOUT. If this is due to the blank APPEUI, I’m curious as to what should be used for that field. For instance, when for our RAK7201 buttons, we used the APPEUI of AC1F09FFF9157201, which we got from running its AT command.

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It seems you are trying to connect to US915 band. Can you check what sub-band you use with AWS IoT for LoRaWAN? In TheThingsNetwork and Helium, they use sub-band 2 as default. This is required since 64 channels are available in US915 but gateways are commonly 8ch only.

It could be possible that AWS uses sub-band 2 as well.

You can try quickly setting subband to 2 by using either of these commands:

  • AT+MASK=0002
  • AT+CHE=2

I have used the AT+CHE=2 command, and the device has now connected to AWS!
However, I’m still wondering what is the appropriate APPEUI/APPKEY to use? or would any do?

APPEUI and APPKEY is usually generated on the Network Server side. This ensures that there is no duplicate.

Great thanks for the info. As I’m trying to use the device for low-level-programming, I’ve followed the tutorial RAK3172 Module Low Level Development Reference | RAKwireless Documentation Center, and have managed to upload the firmware. To no-one’s surprise, the join failed. I’m wondering which parameter(s) I should modify so that it would be equivalent to sending the AT command AT+CHE=2?

Hi @BraveKerry ,

I haven’t touched the STM32CubeIDE for quite a while now. But can you have a look on the lora_app.h?


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