Converting Pulse count to Flow Rate

Hello guys,
can you please help me get this right:
i have a water meter that outputs 1 pulse / m3, how can i convert the reading to flow rate?

say i capture 15min worth of pulses as example i say 20 pulse in the past 15 minutes, how can i convert this data to know what is the flow rate / h during that 15 minutes?

is simply doing: 20p*60min/15min = 80p/h = 80m3/h since 1pulse = 1m3?

is there a formula for this?


anyone with any ideas please?

Hi @JayjJay ,

Your calculation seems to be fine. The only limitation you have is the 1cubic meter resolution. If you consume less than 1cubic meter in 15min, that will be counted as 0.

Hi @carlrowan ,
Thank you for the confirmation, yes i understand that, unfortunately the Water meter is calibrated at that resolution…