Could I use rak3272s breakout board as arduino uno module is this possible?

Hi, I am a student and new to LoRa and electric things, currently building a lora end device.

I want to connect a rak3272s breakout board to an arduino uno board to send some sensor informations to the TTN/TTS, but as I see on the internet, people have to program the chips/breakout board instead of using it as a module. Planning to use UART instead of SPI. And I am not quite understand the information from the document.

Therefore, I would like to ask:

  1. Could I directly connect the rak3272s breakout board to the arduino uno board to use it as a module? But not a standalone device?
  2. If I could, could I directly send AT command with the arduino board? Or I must setup/config the breakout board before hand with a ST-Link USB Dongle (like RAKDAP1) a must? For example, could I config the breakout board with Arduino IDE while it is connected to the Arduino board then do my development/config, without using tools like RAK Serial Port Tool?
  3. Connecting just the power, ground and UART2 rt/tx from the rak3272s to the arduino would work?

Thank you!

Welcome to the forum @chunyinng078

(1) Arduino Uno GPIO’s and UART are 5V and RAK3172 is 3.3V. You cannot connect the RAK3172 to an Arduino Uno without using level-shifters.
(2) The RAK3172 comes with an AT command interface over UART. You can use this interface to control the RAK3172 from a host MCU (your Arduino Uno). AT commands
(3) You can run your application directly on the RAK3172 by writing the application using our Arduino compatible RUI3 BSP. RUI3 custom firmware

We do not have much examples for AT commands, beside of our Quick Start Guide.

For writing a custom firmware directly on the RAK3172 you can check out this Guide.
We have as well RUI3 based examples directly in the Arduino BSP. You can access them after you installed the BSP