Custom AT command not recognized

Using RUI3 with RAK3172 and RUI sensor node example. The AT+SENDFREQ command is not recognized, however it has initialized successfully

18438 [SETUP] Set Class A, Success
18588 [SETUP] Set the region: 5, Success
18691 [SETUP] Set the transmit power: 0 (30dBm), Success
18843 [SETUP] Set the channel mask: Success
18994 [SETUP] Channel mask is set to 0x0002
19098 [SETUP] Set the network OTAA enabled: 1, Success
19250 [SETUP] Set confirmed packets: 1, Success
19401 [SETUP] Add custom AT command AT+SENDFREQ, Success
19506 [SETUP] Add custom AT command AT+TST1, Success
19610 [SETUP] Waiting for Lorawan join...

however, when sending this command over UART2 it is not recognized. Another TST1 command is not recognized either. Can you recommend how to debug?

19:21:52.425 -> AT_ERROR
19:21:52.425 -> AT+SENDFREQ: Command not found!!
19:22:05.162 -> AT_ERROR
19:22:05.162 -> AT+SENDFREQ: Command not found!!
19:22:39.807 -> AT_ERROR
19:22:39.807 -> AT+SENDFREQ: Command not found!!
19:23:05.846 -> AT_ERROR
19:23:05.846 -> AT+SENDFREQ: Command not found!!

Custom AT commands have the prefix ATC not AT

So you have to use ATC+SENDFREQ=? to access it.

Sorry, that part is not very clear in the documentation.

If you use AT? you can see the custom AT commands listed at the end.

Thanks Bernd, that works. Perhaps an improvement to the error message in a future release, such as “Command not found, use ATC+ for custom commands…”

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