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Is there any way to customize the firmware? I need a RS485 custom parser, Modbus parser included in RAK7431 is not functional for me.

Hello @Guadalfeo and welcome to the forum,
You can use WisBlock to create a custom device that will sure your needs.
WisBlock module | Easy-to-build IoT solutions | Available now on RAK – RAKwireless Store
WisBlock | RAKwireless Documentation Center

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Hi, thanks. I know, but RAK7431 has all the hardware I need, and I only want to create a custom firmware very similar to the original. As I know, RAK7431 is made from WisBlocks and has RAK4201 as WisCore. I can’t find this core in documentation. For me, the fattest and easiest option, is getting the original firmware source code and make the small adaptions I require. If not possible, I’ll make it from the scratch using the WisBlocks and a custom box…

I fully understand you but RAK7431’s software is not open source so we can not share it with you.

Anyway here is a tip: You can change the core of RAK7431 with one that suits you from the WisBlock series and use all the other hardware. This way you can make your custom code and use the configuration of RAK7431 at the same time.

Ok, thanks. I’ll do that.

No, you can’t just change the RAK4201 in the RAK7341 to any WisBlock Core module. The RAK7341 is using the RAK5005 Base Board which is different from the RAK5005-O WisBlock Base Board. The USB port of the WisBlock Core modules is not working on the RAK5005.

You need to change both the RAK4201 and the RAK5005 to a WisBlock Core and the RAK5005-O.

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Oh, yea you are right, I missed that :smiley:
Thank you Bernd !

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