Differences RAK3172 & RAK3172-SIP

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I understand RAK does not want to disclose internal schematics of RAK3172, but this raises some questions.
As the minimal external parts schmatic of RAK3172-SiP shows an inductivity on VLXSMPS, I am wondering:

  • Does RAK3172 support SMPS operation or is it missing an inductivity and works only in LDO mode?

Also, I want to measure VDD through VBAT with STM HAL API (VBAT is connected internally with voltage divider to ADC by default, this is the “normal” way all CubeMX programs measure battery level.
In RAK3172-SiP, VBAT is layed out and I can connect it to VDD externally.

  • How about RAK3172, is VBAT connected to VDD?

And in general, do I get that right, the idea behind the SiP version is to have more pins routed and give the user more control over the MCU in comparison to RAK3172?

Best, Robert

Welcome to RAK forum @surumadurum ,

The VBAT of RAK3172 is internally connected to VDD. I will send you that section of schematic via personal message. Please check your inbox. It also shows the inductor attached to VLXSMPS pin.

With regards to RAK3172SiP, its design is different to RAK3172. It has more pins and has TXCO support. However, there is no option to have IPEX antenna by default.

Great, thanks for the information!

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