Empty DevEUI in RAK3272

Hello. I’m using the RAK3272-SiP Breakout Board for my development.
When i use the command AT+DEVEUI the module returns AT+DEVEUI=0000000000000000.
Does the RAK3272 come with a factory DevEUI?

I see that the RAK3172 comes with the DevEUI printed in the chip. What is the difference between RAK3172 and RAK3272? Thanks in advance

Welcome to RAK @MatiasColly .

RAK3172-SiP has no printed DEVEUI sticker unlike the RAK3172. However, we can still provide you DEVEUI for the RAK3172-SiP if needed. You can provide me the order number via personal message so I can coordinate with our team.

RAK3172 is a bare module. RAK3272 is a breakout board of RAK3172.

Same concept with RAK3172-SiP, RAK3272-SiP is a breakout board of RAK3172-SiP.

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