Error while joining RAK 5205 OTAA failed


Hi guys, I got an error while configuring RAK5205 to LoraServer. The command is at+join. Any help will be appreciated


Is device EUI and App EUI same?

We need to gradually find out what the problem is,
First you need to check that your loraserver is working properly on other nodes
Then you need to check that the three parameters you configured are the same as those on loraserver.
Did you follow the 6 chapters in the document?
6. How to connect with LoRaServer?

In the loraserver of raspberry pie, APP_EUI is configured arbitrarily, as long as it is properly formatted and does not affect the connection.
What version number is your RAK5205 using? Check it out with the command: at+version
When you send data, will you receive any response data in the gateway?

I am using version. But as per the above pictures is it configured correctly? .

Yes, your configuration is correct.
Can you tell me what frequency band your gateway and nodes are using? EU868, US915…

Gateway is configured with AU915

So you use the command


to check your configuration and send me the screenshot. Thank you

When you connect to the gateway and send the data, does it receive anything?

It is only loading, nothing happens

You need to join with RAK5205 and make sure your devices are equipped with antennas

The antennas are attached

Do I need to check this box?


You try sending these two commands and see what response he gets.


You try to restart the gateway and wait a minute to restart the node again.