ESP32-C3-SUPREMINI+ SX1276 MODULE-> RAK7268 Sending data to an internal server

I’ve decided on a category, but I hope you can help me regardless.
I want to send the data value of ESP32-C3-SUPREMINI+ SX1276 MODULE using the internal server of the lora gateway.
But the tutorial is not friendly.
Like this, I asked for help once again.
I wanted to make the current ESP32-C3-SUPREMINI+ SX1276 MODULE and send the data to RAK7268.
I tried to communicate with the frequency band and using a simple example, but it was impossible to communicate because the server was not set up.
So, since it is a gateway that can use an internal server, I looked for examples or examples such as how to use the internal server and device registration, but there are not many kind contents
If you have any kind contents or documents, please let me know.

For WisGate OS V1 Build-in-LoRa-Server
For WisGate OS V2 WisGateOS-2 built-in-network-server-mode-settings

Setup with a device example (WisGate OS V1) WisBlock-Kit-4-RAK-Built-in-Network-Server-and-Datacake