Fail to set bandwidth using RUI3 even with the example mode

Hi there, I am experimenting with RUI3’s P2P mode, and I use the “LoRa_P2_.ino” in the example folder as a starting point. However, when I download the example to my board (RAK3172 with RAK5005-0 V1.0), I noticed that all setting was successfully set except for bandwidth.

Please see the serial monitor output

I did not modify the example code, I use it as-is. The default setting is as follow

double myFreq = 868000000;
uint16_t sf = 12, bw = 125, cr = 0, preamble = 8, txPower = 22;

I also tried setting bw to 250 and 500. According to RUI3’s documentation, they are both valid values but without luck. Any idea on that?

Docs say

So AT+BW=0 is 125MHz

Where did you find the AT+BW=125 ? It was like that before, but was changed sometime ago.
If that is still around somewhere in the docs we need to change it.

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I found the code in the example folder of the Arduino Core and also in RUI3’s docs

I think RAK need to go through all documentation to make them align with each other, especially for the RUI3 via Arduino IDE, I can see many information outdated and lacking description

Thanks for pointing to the locations. I will forward this to the documentation team.

For the examples, they will be updated with the next BSP version.

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