Failed to Program Default Firmware with STLINK-V3

Hi all,

I used the STLINK-V3 SWD pins to program the default firmware.

The programming was successful, however, when I send ‘at’ to it, it no longer responds with ‘OK’. Furthermore, the module doesn’t even print anything when I power-cycle it.

STM32CubeProgrammer v2.11.0 settings:

  • SWD, 24 kHz Freq, Normal Mode, Hardware Reset


Connections Between STLINK V3 and RAK3172 Breakout Board

  • 3V3
  • GND
  • NRST

An external 2xAA battery pack is providing power.

Welcome back to forum @jackyruth ,

The FW you uploaded is the legacy one. If that is the one you need, you need to use 9600 baud rate on AT commands.

However, I suggest you proceed on the RUI3 firmware since the support on legacy firmware is halted. Here’s the RAK3172 RUI3 firmware -

If via RAK bootloader, this bin -

That fixed it thanks.